Thursday, April 22, 2010

My latest crafty buy

Georgia - The latest thing to arrive in my mailbox was that pile of grey Kona Solids. That would have made a very boring photo on it's own, so I added the little pile of Hope Valley that they will go with. The latest thing that I ordered, yet to arrive, is this book.

Nicole - My latest crafty buys, some linen and some fat quarters of the lovely new Sis Boom fabric line called oh St. Croix, are still on their way to the Netherlands so I can't show them yet. I also bought Scandinavian Needlecraft last week and I love it!

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  1. Really?!!! That is amazing!!! I haven't read any reviews of it or anything, just came across it when I was browsing the online bookshop. When I saw the photo come up on this post I thought 'oh no, I've somehow put a photo of it there without meaning to'. HA!!


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