Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breakfast time

Georgia - Toast with vegemite (yum!), coffee still to come, and because it's school holidays at the moment I have some time to actually *sit* and enjoy with a book. :-)

I have to admit that I cheated and took this photo yesterday because my in-laws are visiting this weekend, and they would have thought I was a lunatic if I got the camera out and took a photo of my breakfast this morning. ;-)

Nicole - Well I didn't cheat but I forgot to take a photo! Luckily I'm a lazy housewife and there was still something left to photograph.  ;) I had a slice of bread with Chocolate Sprinkels (called 'Hagelslag' which means 'Hail Sprinkels' ) and a coffee. In the Netherlands you can buy lots of types of  chocolate or sugar-y sprinklets like these for your bread. 


  1. Are they like the sprinkly things you sent for Imogen and Bridget? Do you have them on toast when you have them at breakfast time, or just on bread? We're far more likely to put them on top of cakes! Kids do sometimes have that kind of stuff at birthday parties though - "fairy bread".

  2. How do you stay slim with a chocolate breakfast?? Im boring its egg or baked beans on (gluten free)toast for me ...envy you Georgia no Vegimite for me:(

  3. @Georgia Yes I think I sent the girls a variety of bread sprinkels! We eat them (almost daily) on a slice of bread (usually not toasted). :) We eat a lot of bread over here.
    @Quiltygal I'm slim but I'm not exactly thin but I might get thin if I didn't eat as much chocolate and cookies as I do. ;)
    I'm curious about the Vegimite, is it like marmite?

  4. Yes, Vegemite is a bit like Marmite, only better. ;-) Marmite is the English version.


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