Thursday, April 8, 2010

Favourite thing made!

Georgia - An old photo because I've given the quilt away. I made this one for Mum's 60th birthday last year. Making the quilt top was super quick and easy. The quilting took an eternity, and an awful lot of thread! I love it, and I've been madly collecting some more Nani Iro fabric to make one for MYSELF.

Nicole - It was hard to decide, not sure if I had any real favourites and wondering if I maybe should have chosen something I embroidered or had drawn. I chose this quilt because it turned out quite well, considering my lack of expertise and proper quilting tools. I used a not very accurate cardboard template for the squares *shivers* because I didn't have a quilt ruler at the time. And no rotary cutter either. I was also under the impression then that I had to iron the 1/4 of an inch seam allowance to the back of the fabric squares.

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  1. Wow ! That quilt !
    A handmade Nani Iro quilt ? What a precious luxury :)
    x x x


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