Saturday, March 13, 2010

A wedding photo

Georgia - 13th October, 2001. Sorry about the terrible picture quality. I scanned the photos years ago, and we don't have a scanner anymore so I can't re-do them!

 Nicole - This is in my wedding photo album. All of our photos are in b&w (no, not because it was that long ago and colour photos were not yet invented, we just preferred b&w photos!)


  1. Cute photo Nicole! A lot of ours are in B&W too. I think your Zoe looks a lot like Erik?

  2. Well I think both of my girls looked a lot like him when they were very young but I think they are both beginning to resemble me a bit more as they grow older (not sure if that is a good thing, haha) I had a 'stair'photo too btw, only we were on top of the stairs! Oh and I forgot to add the date 8th of October 1998.


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