Saturday, March 27, 2010

I love the smell of...

Georgia - Citrus, vanilla, rain, toast, the beach, tomatoes, clean washing and... coffee. :-)

Nicole - Coffee (good coffee that is), Dutch Apple Pie, freshly washed clothes that have dried outside on a sunny day (I'm sure there is a shorter way to say this but I can't think of one) , salty sea air (except when it doesn't smell so good).


  1. Hi there Nicole and Georgia. I have been following you both from the beginning and thought you were in the reader allready... strange... Anyway, just wanted to say even though I am not commenting, I have been looking at and enjoying your pictures.

    Just had to say something on this one... Your favourite smells really bring back Holland to me (dutch born 'emigrated' to the UK). They are SO what I remember... Isn't it funny what a country makes what it is?

  2. Enjoy your blog. And have to agree on the smell of coffee (especially the LavAzza!), and rain, and apple pie, and the sea.

  3. I hadn't realised these were especially 'Dutch' smells until you pointed it out! But I guess it's true. :) 'Smell' is pretty good in evoking memories too.

  4. Fun topic! Here are some of my favorites... :)

    Coffee, Vanilla, Freshly washed sheets, the Ocean, Gardenia, Bookstores and the smell of my kids' hair after they've been playing in the sunshine.

    The next time I'm at the ocean, I will take a big nose full, raise a cup of hot coffee and smile! :)

  5. Oh yes, I love Gardenia as well, and Jasmine.

  6. Nicole, if you had asked me what a 'Dutch smell' is I wouldn't have been able to tell you... That is why it is so funny they are so recognisable!! :-)


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