Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love this fabric...

Georgia - It seems that I can't choose just one ... so I picked out two of my very favourites that are no longer being printed. The top one is from Freshcut by Heather Bailey , and the one underneath is from Cake Rock Beach. I think they are a perfect match.

Nicole - Sorry about the rubbish picture but at least I was able to take a photo outside today! These are just two of my faves, it was impossible to choose. I received both from Georgia actually. The top one is a Kei Honeycomb, dots are always great and these are especially lovely. The bottom one (which is hardly visible, it really is a rubbish photo, look here for a better pic) is from Shannon Lamden and has birds with keys in trees. I love birds with keys in trees. I really must make this into a cushion or something, it's too lovely not to use it.


  1. Nicole, I love both of those too (funny that!). I have a piece of the Home Sweet Home (Shannon Lamden one) in red, and I don't know what to use it for either!
    I am *very* glad to hear that you like birds with keys in trees ...a birthday present hint. ;-)

  2. oh no hints intended! I just love these fabrics very much. I love Birds and dots prints in general actually. :)I've got a yard of that top HB fabric in my stash (in pink or blush) so if you ever need some (or all) let me know!


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