Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I'm reading

Georgia - A quilt book - looking for some inspiration, loads of house type magazines (spending a fortune on them - eep!), Sandi Henderson's new book, and a good trashy one from the library.

Nicole- I just started reading UnLunDun by China Mieville (marvelous name by the way) so I can't really tell what I think of it yet. So far, I have read 50 pages or something, it's odd and an enjoyable and interesting read. The other book is about Scherenschnitte. Not sure if papercutting is a craft I will take on myself but the examples and photos of Scherenschnitte pieces are very impressive.


  1. Georgia, I really enjoyed The Castaways, but I like most of her books -- The Blue Bistro was my favorite (because of the restaurant setting), and I also liked Barefoot a whole lot too :).


  2. This is the first one of hers that I've read, but I've really enjoyed it - I'll have to look into the others, thanks Glenda!
    G x


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