Saturday, June 5, 2010

My next project

Georgia - Fresh into the hoop today. A unicorn pillowcase for a little girl who is having a birthday very soon.
Nicole - Due to illness I'm terribly late with posting so I have it on good authority that this is already finished and turned out very lovely!  ;)

Nicole- No new projects planned as I am still in the middle of so many wip's! But I'm pretty sure that whatever the new project will be it's already here on one of the pages of these sketch books....


  1. Oh no! I had totally forgotten about that photo! I should have updated it, but not to worry. :-/
    Your sketch books are so cute! I'm sure they're full of little treasures.

  2. So pleased that varigated thread is coming in handy! Can you pretty please put together a tutorial on how you embroider on pillowcases? I'd love to do one for my nephew for his birthday! Sorry if you've already posted one Georgia! x


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