Thursday, June 17, 2010

My floss collection

Georgia - The two more organised looking boxes are left over from my cross-stitching days. They are sorted by dmc number. The very messy box is the one I use most, full of the colours that I go back to time and time again.

Nicole - Yes, well...this is part of the floss collection. There is some in the cupboard as well, and in my craft room, and in my embroidery basket thingy. I am not a very well organised person and I try to battle the lack of organisation with zip lock bags. They hold current projects (embroidery work + floss) and extra floss etc. The more organised floss is DMC, the shoe box is filled with Anchor Floss (which was an Ebay bargain)


  1. You have so many!!!
    I *still* really want to try that Cosmo floss. :-)

  2. It's not enough!
    I want the Cosmo too! I inquired at an online store about costs for shipping to the Netherlands but they never answered my email! :/ I actually have friends visiting from Japan in 2 weeks time but I don't want to send them into a craft store just to satisfy my floss habit... DMC has new silky thread now as well, maybe it's comparable?

  3. Is this the shop you tried? I couldn't find any info about postage either.

    This shop says they use those flat rate envelopes. You'd think they'd be able to fit quite a bit of floss into one of those!

  4. Loving the colours :) they make such pretty rainbows!


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