Saturday, May 8, 2010

On my bedside table

Georgia - A wonky lamp (really need a new one), a box of tissues, a photo of myself and my sister when we were little, glass of water, bunch of bangles, a ceramic bird which only appeared there this morning thanks to the kids, Paw-Paw ointment (which is a great lip balm), and a variety of handcreams (I am addicted) - yes, one of them is called "udder cream", but it's not for your , um...udders. :-/

Nicole- I always have a book on my bedside table (or even 2, a crafty one and a novel) with an old pair of glasses on top. You can also find my teddy bear which I had since I was 2 on my bed side table and Georgia's Polka Dot Bunny. Also pictured is a not so pretty alarm clock, some loose change, keys from a bicycle lock, a lamp and a phone.


  1. Georgia, you should hire your "photo stylists" every time. I love the addition of the bird! :)

    I know udder creme. I had tried some and loved it so I bought a small tube as a gift. The recipient didn't know what it was, and was a little embarrassed. It's not for udders and I don't think you're a cow!!! *sheesh*

    Nicole, I always have books on my table too. My stack leans precariously towards my head though. I must do something about that! Your bear and Georgia's bunny look like the best of friends cuddled there together. Too sweet. Love the lamp!

  2. Ha! I used to use it on Bridget when she was a baby because she had quite sensitive skin, so to me it smells of babies. :-) I was thinking of getting some for a friend who is having a new baby in a few weeks but I didn't want her to get the wrong idea about its use!

  3. Lol 'udder creme' is called the same in Dutch (well translated then of course) and the name has always refrained me from buying it!
    Adrianne, the lamp is from Ikea. I try to de-Ikea-ise my house a bit but sometimes they really have nice (affordable) things like this lamp! I recently saw on their website they had some cute new fabrics too.

  4. Fabrics you say? Let's go! I'm due for an Ikea trip. :)


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