Monday, May 17, 2010

A movie that I love

Georgia - Love Actually. Love it. Have watched it heaps of times. Colin Firth...mmmm. Andrew Thingummy (the one who loves the Keira Knightly character)...mmmm. ;-)

Nicole- this is a movie I recently saw and loved. It's funny, romantic and it has good music in it as well. Another favourite (that I couldn't find in my stack of dvd's) and a must see is Amelie. I also love most Tim Burton movies, movies with Johnny Depp. Ooh and since I caught a glimpse of Russel Crowe in a skirt cool Roman outfit in Gladiator the other day, I can't wait to see him in tights!


  1. I've had Amelie in my dvd pile for quite a while now and I *still* haven't watched it. Sitting down to watch a dvd seems to be a luxury these days!

  2. I hardly take the time to watch a movie either! You must watch Amelie though, it's a funny, touching and clever movie. :)

  3. I love all those movies... well except Robin Hood and that's only because I haven't seen it yet.


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