Saturday, May 1, 2010

In my handbag

Georgia - Not really all that much inside it, so I don't know why I have so much trouble finding whatever it is I happen to need.

So, the contents - purse, mobile phone (usually has a flat battery, and I never know what the phone number is. I'm not much of a phone person), tissues, re-useable shopping bag, handcream, perfume, various lipbalms, notebook, far too many pens, paracetemol, bandaids, one of the kid's bangles, a squashed empty sultana box (also care of the kids), quite a few scrunched up receipts, and lastly - some scraps of fabric that must have been in there for at least 12 months.

Nicole - I have a small bag and it's rather full. Still I think this is all essential stuff: purse, mobile phone (also with a flat battery and I can't remember my own phone number either haha), a receipt, my sunglasses, mints, chewing gum and emergency sultanas, paracetamol, a hair clip, loose change, hand creme, keys, passport, 1 lip stick and 3 lip balms and a little notebook with pen.


  1. Fun! You girls are so organized. I'm laughing at the fabric in your purse Georgia. 12 months? I think kids and sultanas/raisins must be universal. I've got them too. I've got both of those hand cremes on my bed table. Lots of sewing and gardening lately and my hands are a mess. :) Happy weekend!

  2. Georgia, I love your bag. I've been looking at similar bags too! Is it a real Orla bag? As for the contents, pretty similar to mine isn't it? ;)

  3. Adrianne - sultanas are an essential! There are usually a few rattling about in the bottom of my bag and they attach themselves to my purse or phone when I pull them out - a nice look. ;-) The fabric scraps were in there when I was trying to find a matching solid colour for Bridget's quilt. I had a look at Flickr, and I made that quilt in July last year! Eep!
    Nicole, yes a real Orla! I love it! I think I've had it for about 3 years now. I never usually keep bags that long, but I haven't found one I like more. I got it from I think they had free post for orders over $100, and the exchange rate was quite good at the time, so it was a bargain!
    The contents are very similar! I don't have a lobster though. What is that???? ;-)

  4. lol I thought the lobster was a scorpion but it is a key chain thingy. I always lose my keys in my bag so I need something big attached to it to find them back more easily! And I think I need an Orla bag too!

  5. I've been admiring this one -
    orla bags have an elastic strap with a clip on the end to attach your keys to - very, very handy, but perhaps not quite as amazing as a lobster. ;-P

  6. Adrianne - I actually have a bit of a handcream addiction. We've got a bedside table photo coming up sometime soon - there are quite a few there! (And some dust, must do something about that before I take the photo!).

  7. Georgia, that looks just like my purse minus the raisins and perfume. I'm sure mine is not a real Orla. I love it anyway.


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