Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where I sit and stitch.

1:56pm - Usually in front of the television after the kids have gone to bed.


10:20 pm whenever I get the chance!


  1. Fun to see this, girls! I, too, have a stitching "nest" at one end of the couch, and the nice thing about hand embroidery is that, if tiredness has hit, I can still do it while reclining back on the cushions! There is always enough energy for that :)

  2. Ha! I love that we both have a similar spot! I think there are actually a few needles buried deep in the arm of our lounge chair there - never to be seen again... :-/

  3. I see 'the end of the couch' is a favourite spot to embroider! For me it's not even the best spot to embroider, that would Erik's chair which is right next to the window. :/ G. I see you have my needlebook on the couch there :)


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