Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So... before we really really start our blog we thought we'd give you a look at who is behind the cameras, and say a quick hello and a big thank you to the people who already commented and are prepared to follow this blog. :) At this moment Nicole is freezing away in the Netherlands (minus 8 C. which is 18.4 F) while Georgia is melting away in Australia (38 C which is 100.4 F).We won't bother explaining who is who in the photo, they pretty much speak for themselves! You must be kind and not comment on just how un-flattering a self portrait can be. ;-) Hopefully the photos in our next posts won't be quite so embarrassing!


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you too Georgia. I found you both here via Nicole's blog. I bought one of her lovely designs. Really looking forward to following you both. What a really good idea! Best of luck!!

  2. I'm sure this'll be another blog to love!! Looking forward to it!


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